ADVOKÁTSKA KANCELÁRIA JUDr. Martin Buraj, s.r.o. law firm is located in Trenčín. It is a limited partnership corporation especially established to provide a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign clients. Our law firm provides a variety of legal services in the whole territory of Slovak Republic and in individual cases all over the world.  We are ready to provide our legal services rapidly in order to effectively resolve various problems of our clients, considering their individual interests and needs.  We are ready to ensure the highest level of confidential relationship between the clients and the law firm.
Our team members are highly experienced legal professionals with strong personal qualities that guarantee  the highest standards and full legal support in different legal areas.
We reflect on a frequent legislative changes in our legal system, and we mainly pay attention to the knowledge of the most recent case-law as well.
In order to maintain complexity of legal services for our clients, our law firm cooperates with trusted partners such as associated attorneys, notaries and executors, auction companies, experts, bankruptcy trustees and restructuring administrators, translators, interpreters, auditors and with many other professionals from specific areas.
To provide effective legal services, our law firm uses qualified electronic signature /QES/ that is used  in communication with courts and other authorities. For example, in commercial matters we save 50% of the court fees  and management charges.
You can find more detailed information about our legal services both in dispute and non-dispute agenda in section „our services“.

 JUDr. Martin Buraj
Lawyer & Manager